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Converting my Rene into a stealth camper!

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I will be taking my PhD exam next month and then a few weeks off of work after I pass it, so, naturally I wanna travel the US and hoping to stay in my car as much as possible to avoid covid, etc. check out my sweet setup!

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hahaha funny that you comment this now! I was actually parked at the beach yesterday (I live in San Diego where its always summer), and a nice couple happened to be. walking by while I was in there chillin. They actually stopped by and asked if I could give them the full tour, which in a renegade took about 2 min lol.

here is the link for the little step! Multifunction Car Doorstep Door Latch Hook Pedals Folding Step Foot Pedal Ladder | eBay


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I live in Arizona, so I generally like to escape "summer." This is just a great idea! Why is that base not a thing people can purchase?! I feel like they're missing out on a whole marketing opportunity here. Seriously, this photo makes me want to just pack up and go!
are you saying I should contact jeep and get a deal or patent this thing? lol anyone have a contact???
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