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My wife called me from work, check engine light is on in the Renegade, called dealer they said there open until 8PM and to drive it right there, meanwhile I pick up the mail in my Dakota, what do ya know, FCA Customer satisfaction notice for cooling fan, on my Wife's commute to the dealer after work, it's a high humidity index 91° day in Michigan, a large area of her commute lost power, now all the traffic lights are four way stops on very busy high traffic roads, the engine cooling light comes on and the Renegade smells and is smoking, she pulls into a parking area and calls for a tow truck, still waiting to hear from the dealer and will follow up, BTW her sister has the same Renegade with the same color also she broke down with the similar story in a nearby town at the same time, my wife is at 33,000 her sister has 63,000. Thanks.
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