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yesterday, I parked in a hospital lot and went to visit a friend in hospital. Everything seemed normal. I came out a couple hours later and got into the car and had to back out carefull etc. Usually the Courtesy lights (the 2 lights above the front windshield that go on when you enter the car and off usually when you start driving. I don't know exactly when they are supposed to turn off, but as I entered the roadway I was aware they were still on. This was at dusk and I had the lights on. All the way home they stayed on. I tried pushing the buttons next to them, but it made no difference. AFter I got home I parked and they stayed on. AFter I turned of the engine they stayed on for awhile. Finally the passenger side light went out and eventually the driver side one also. I can find nothing about this issue in the manual. I had not adjusted or pushed any of the buttons up there.
This is a 2020 Renegade.

today I drove the car and the lights went off and on as usual, didn't stay on while driving.

what is the cause and what can be done about this?
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