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CT Lattitude 6 speed

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Hey everyone! Just purchased a new white jeep renegade Lattitude with the six speed manual! I love the car so far. HOWEVER; I am 24 hours into owning it and am plagued with issues. At 95 miles, my service engine soon came on. (last night) Got the code read this morning, some sort of brake sensor issue. While driving to work shortly after, service hill start came on as well. Called the dealership and the earliest appointment I can get is tuesday. Upon leaving work, my electronic parking brake was stuck on. I pressed the button to release it, but it said foot must be on brake pedal to release parking brake. It was not sending that my foot was on the brake. Luckily I read the manual and found if you hold down the parking brake button it disengages it. Drove it home and now at 130 miles the service 4wd came on. Turned off and on car and light went away, but it will not let me use 4wd. A real bummer because I really this car. Hopefully all is sorted out soon and no more problems! Will update after appointment at dealership. Fingers crossed...
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SO SO sorry that you're experiencing problems with your new Renegade. I hope everything gets fixed.
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