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Desert Hawk charcoal emblems part numbers

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In the photos of the new Desert Hawk that I've seen, the "Renegade" "Trail Rated" and "Trailhawk" emblems are a sort of charcoal gray instead of red. I have the VIN for a Desert Hawk so I went to the dealer today and these are the part numbers they gave me. My problem is when I use the VIN from my regular Trailhawk, the numbers come up the same and special order parts are non-refundable. Has anybody else tried to do this and figured out the part numbers or know how to verify a color by the number? I work for a Chevy dealer and our parts catalog specifically lists colors in the description. Not so for the Jeep. These are the part numbers I was given: 68247406AA "Trail Rated", 68247418AA "Trailhawk", 68318659AA "RH Renegade", 68319090AA "LH Renegade". Not sure why the Renegade emblem had different numbers for each side when they look exactly the same.
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I know someone had ordered a pair of trailhawk mirror case, which should be gray, but later he received a pair of white case, and the dealer told him all the factory spare parts are white, the color is painted by dealer for customer's need.
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