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Diagnostic tool advice for UK model- erase oil change light

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I have a 2015 1.6 diesel Renegade- UK model and the oil change light has came on and I can’t get it off. It’s been well documented and discussed on the forum that the fix by pumping gas pedal 3 times doesn’t work on uk models (and I have tried this but hasn’t worked.) I have a cheap diagnostic tool that won’t erase the fault, although it does read it as such. I am happy to purchase a new diagnostic tool but there are so many and I want to make sure that it will remove the oil change light on my Renny, so can anyone advise from personal experience . I don’t want to be spending hundreds of £ but if anyone has successfully used a reasonably priced diagnostic tool to get rid of the oil change light on a uk model, your advice will help a lot. I’m just wary of buying another that’s no more use than the one that I gave and from reading the forum, some people do appear to have used a diagnostic tool and successfully removed this fault.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction and avoid me going to a dealer/ garage to get this fixed.
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It’s been well documented and discussed on the forum that the fix by pumping gas pedal 3 times doesn’t work on uk models (and I have tried this but hasn’t worked.)
Why in the world would that not work on UK-model Renegades? Doesn't the Government there want you (or anyone else other than dealers) changing the oil yourself? :unsure:

That having been said, I haven't tried the reset procedure, since the dealer is still doing my oil changes under warranty. But the procedure is certainly in my (U.S.) Owner's Manual. Does your manual not have that info?
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It's a European thing. Initially the makers tried to lock-in customers to force them to get servicing done at a dealer.
We've had our own challenges here with attempts by car makers to maintain monopolies on things. Most of what I've been hearing is allowing aftermarket body panel manufacturers to operate; car makers were insisting that the designs of the panels were proprietary. But they failed in that.

Yet there have been aftermarket car parts for ages, made by a myriad of manufacturers -- for better or worse -- other than OEM. Electrical parts, sensors, etc... For VWs, manufacturers like Meyle, Febi, and Vemo -- not to mention no-name Chinese manufacturers (of course, the former are also mostly made in China) -- have been available for decades. That implies that non-dealer repair shops (or the customers) would be doing the work.

As far as OBD ports, I thought those have also been standardized for decades -- different generations (OBD, OBD2) -- but standardized. Our 1997 VWs had the same OBD2 ports as currently. They had a lot different capabilities, but he ports themselves have ben standardized.

Of cours, I'm 9sort of) aware of the security gateway that Jeep/Fiat install on their vehicles... for better or worse...

Gogsyboy has a 2015 Renegade. You mean this debate in the UK/EU over allowing non-dealers to do even brake jobs has only been settled since then???

So at least early in the Renegade's existence in Europe, that Oil Change Reset information was missing for the Owner's Manuals? And the procedure didn't work?
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I tried to reset it with a Autel AL319 Autolink OBD2 Scanner Reader as I was assured it would work before buying on Amazon, it Didn’t.
Who assured you? Were you able to return it?

However, have now been sent a link
Universal Professional OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool Code Reader Scanner LAUNCH CR629 | eBay
Have been assured this should work but haven’t bought it- yet
Again, who assured you regarding this one? :unsure:
I used the Autel MaxiAp AP200 to reset my Service Reminder ... As far as the oil change reminder goes - I've never had that show up in the 4 years I've had my Jeep.
Is there a service indicator or reminder? At least on U.S.-spec Renegades, the only thing mentioned (as far as I've seen) in the Owner's Manual is the oil change indicator -- I assume since it's not strictly tied to time or mileage...
@Marek K The first year I bought the Jeep I did get a reminder show up on the instrument panel
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OK; so different markets, different years, and different onboard systems. My 2121 U.S.-market Trailhawk has the Uconnect 4C NAV system, and I'll see whether and how that's integrated into the oil-change warning.

However, the Owner's Manual does say that "Based on engine operation conditions, the oil change indicator message will illuminate in the instrument cluster. This means that service is required for your vehicle."

That tells me that I'll get a similar message on my instrument panel's mini-display between the tachometer and the speedometer.

Now, do you know whether your message was based on time and mileage; or on a variable interval based on operating conditions (as the Europeans have done for years, but that is quite new for us Yanks)?

So I'll see whether mine says "oil change," or "service," or both at different times -- maybe I'll get a separate reminder that the time- and mileage-based service is due too.

Quite a busy speedometer you guys have. We used to have those on most/all of our cars for decades, since the mid-1970s when we were supposed to go over to the metric system. :) Made it quite handy when stationed with the military in Europe, and shipping our cars over.

But now we've apparently given up on that. So MPH only for us...
Speedometer Vehicle Trip computer Tachometer Odometer

...though the mini-display can be set to display km/h.

Man, you guys must be really confused. Speed in MPH, distance in miles, temperature in Celsius... ;)

Body weight in stone...
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