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Diesel Renegade Trailhawk/Deserthawk

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W H Y ? does Europe get the 2.0L turbo diesel engine as standard in the Renegade? The Compass comes with this engine as standard!

The 2.4L Tigershark has its power & torque at high revs. The ZF 9 speed transaxle coupled to this Tigershark wants to change gear at low revs to save fuel. So software flashing will only make this combination more fuel hungry but better to drive.

In contrast the 2.0L turbo diesel has its power & torque at half the revs. A much better match to the ZF transaxle.

So come on FCA make the Europe standard a Special Edition in Australia, South Africa, Canada & USA.

FCA Australia say there is no demand for this.

What do you say?
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Diesel sucks. FACT!
They are filthy. And not in the good way.
Get it on your hands/shoes/paintwork, spend the rest of the day stinking like an oil fired boiler.
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Ad-Blue. AKA: PeePee.


The 2.0l MJet thankfully doesn't have a urine tank.

Aside: Speed restrictions of -20kph here yesterday due to pollution. :(
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Mine's a manual 4wd.
That's why I'm stuck with a DERV.
You can't have petrol manual 4wd Renegades here.
Fuel oil penetrates everywhere. Why do they give you those daft plastic film gloves if not?
Just look at the state of any station forecourt.
And after an accident the local fire brigade has to spend extra time spreading and clearing up sand.

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