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Dimensions of the struts, springs and suspension

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Hey, I was wondering if any of you guys knew the answer to these questions

The diameter of your strut towers at the most restrictive point
The overall length of the suspension currently on the car
The overall diameter of the spring
Clearance around the springs (the closest point to another object)

Also, best way to get photos of these for build project. I'm not super technical with cars in the suspension area.
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It is a 2015 Trailhawk trim btw
are you looking to build a coilover setup?

i'm tempted to do what i've done to a few (most) of my cars, build my own coilover setup using Koni inserts. undoubtedly, the mac strut setup on the renegade will lend itself to a pre-existing insert from koni, which means chopping off the stock perches from your strut housing, and welding on a new perch for a "race" spring is easily done, and will net you a coilover that performs better than most $1000 non-rebuildable coilovers that might be in existence.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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