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Does anyone know the OEM LED fog light part numbers for 2022 renegade

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I would like to upgrade to the OEM LED fog lights. I have bought the head lights and would like to do them all at once since I will have the bumper off. I can't seem to find any used ones on ebay.
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I got the driver side for 100 bucks and the passenger door 175. I'm still waiting on the passenger to get her. Yes I will have to program the bcm using alfaodb.


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Here was the listing on ebay


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The other. This one is missing a couple clips so prob have to figure out how to mount it


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I have fog lights btw just all my lights are reflector. I added passive entry and the 8 inch infotainment when I had my ram with programming. I order the parts to upgrade to adaptive cruise on my renegade. My latitude has almost every option but adaptive cruise and led lights.
Here is my front end before


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I havent found fog lights yet. Still looking.
And ya I will post how I added adaptive cruise and I will post how I added the lights
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So I have tried to program the adaptive cruise and programmed it like I did my ram. I did the security bypass and and programmed it and it started to alert me that my transmission had issues and most my sensors were offline. I do have the bypass cable. I asked the expert I used on my ram and he said there is a different method you have to do to program on the renegade. He gave me a link for a secondary cable I had to order from overseas. He is going to show me how to backup my EPROM Incase I mess it up again. My jeep dealer charged me 135 to reflash my bcm and I got it back yesterday. I will make a detailed guide on each. I am waiting on a few parts to attempt it again. I came from a ram forum who had a lot of setup guides for alfaodb. Doesn't seem the renegade forum has as much info so I'll help out the best I can.

I added passive entry, soft tailgate open, and went from the 3 inch to the 8.4 inch infotainment on the 2019 ram. Hope I can add the options I want on the renegade. I bought it new but it was off of the lot so I took it with the options it had.

I swapped all the interior lights to bright white led. I want to add led exterior lights, and of course the passive cruise.

I already have the 8 inch infotainment radio and the large display instrument cluster.
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Wow, you're doing a lot of mods that I don't foresee doing. I hope to use AlfaOBD pretty-much for diagnostics; but it's nice to know all the other capabilites too..

Is that the cable connecting AlfaOBD on your laptop, to the OBD2 port on the Renegade?

Or the security module bypass? Because the bypass I got was directly from China via AliExpress. Only place I could find it.
I bought the sgw bypass from amazon I have that


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I was told a secondary cable is needed. I ordered this kit that has it in it. I'm waiting for it to come in to install the mods. Still would like the oem led fog lights but can't find the part numbers.


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Ya im aware of that. I left mine in place with the ram. Ya the grey cable is in the set I ordered and that is how it was referred to when was told about it. Just a "grey cable" lol. I didn't have to do a prox sync when I programmed the ram it was just program and shut off for ignition. That is what messed mine up the first time. The alfaodb expert on the ram forum is going to help me get the renegade programmed. I'll make a post about what I add for others to find.
You mean on your Ram you left the 12+6 cable plugged in to the SGW, bypassing it all the time?

Where's the SGW on the Ram? Were you able to leave the 12+6 cable just dangling, and plug the OBD2 cable into it under the dashboard? Or how did that work?

Ever take it to a dealer with that 12+6 cable in place?
Ya I had it bypassed at all times and had a odb mx+ plugged in at all times.
Incase anyone needs the oem part numbers they are

52088648 for driver
52088649 for passenger

The oem chrome led fog light trim part numbers are
6VN96SZ0AA for LH
6VM61SZ0AA for RH
Just to make I understand what you had going on...

You had the 12+6 cable plugged into your SGW, which bypassed the SGW; and you had an OBDLink MX+ BlueTooth module connected to it, because you were using the smartphone version of AlfaOBD...?

That means on your Renegade you're not using the OBD2 port under the driver's side dashboard at all...?
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So the 12+6 cable taps into the OBD system at the SGW...?
No the security gateway is up behind the instrument cluster. You unplug the 12 and 6 wire connector from it and plug into the cable. The odb reader plugs in the cable and not in the factory spot. I think the one you have you plug in the adapter into the 12 and 6 pin connectors. Then you use the factory odb. The Greg cable I believe plugs into the odb port. I will know more once I have all the parts and talk to the guy who helped me on the ram.
Sorry I didn't read the whole post before I responded but you are correct. I don't use the odb port under the steering wheel
On your Ram, or on your Renegade?

Because on the Renegade, the SGW apparently used to be under the driver's-side instrument panel. But starting in 2019, Jeep apparently moved it to behind the radio -- I assume so that it would be harder to access by DIYers.

See particularly Post #21 in this thread:

Questions about my 2022 Renegade. | Page 2 | Jeep Renegade Forum

I looked under the driver's side instrument panel of my 2021 Trailhawk, and didn't see anything vaguely resembling the SGW there. Haven't actually checked behind the radio yet...
The sgw is behind the cluster. If you look up from laying on the floorboard it is there. I've plugged in the harness and read the bcm.
Ya that is where it is. I looked straight up from my break panel and the two cables are plugged in there if you reach your hand up.
The bottom pic is not where the sgw is the top one is on the 2022.
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