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does the jeep alert when key fob not in vehicle?

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So I may or may not have lost my key fob to my 2017 jeep renegade, and I can’t figure out if it would have to be at my house (where I last drove it to) or in the parking garage I came from. Here’s what happened:

I was walking back to the parking garage I park in for work, and I remote started my jeep with my key fob while entering the garage. When I was right next to it, I unlocked it and got inside, then pushed the ignition button to complete it turning on. Then I drive home, but on the way (roughly 3 miles from my parking garage), it dinged at me but didn’t give me a message of why, like it usually does. So from what I saw, it didn’t say that the key fob had left the car or that it was out of range, anything like that. A possibility is that it detected my bag on the passenger seat and wanted it to be buckled? Just a thought. I didn’t go anywhere the rest of the day, and I didn’t realize I didn’t know where they were until the next day when I needed to leave.

So my question is, is it possible for the key fob to have fallen out of my pocket while I got into my vehicle, then I shut the door and pushed the ignition button, and it NOT give me a message saying it was in the vehicle? I drove all the way home without it saying anything about it not being in the vehicle.

But when I tried starting it today to see if it was somewhere inside the vehicle, it said that I needed to put the fob by the ignition, which I’d assume is it saying that it doesn’t detect the fob in the car.

So does my key fob HAVE to be at my house, or is it possible I dropped it in the parking garage and got all the way home without being alerted the fob wasn’t inside the jeep??

Someone who really wants to know where her keys could be
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I appreciate all the responses, I did find them in my home in my boyfriend’s coat (???), which he hasn’t worn since before they were lost, so maybe they fell from my coat pocket into his. Anyway, it does do exactly what you said, Marek. So now I know for the future. Thanks!
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