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I was asked by twospirits if I heard anything about the clear roof panels for the MySky roof panels fro Here is the conversation.

Me; Any thoughts for making them for the MySky roof for the Jeep renegade? We're thinking about it! We have to see how the total number of renegade sales

They have been out a month and had over 4000 in sales. Thank you for your response!

Went and checked one out! They already have a factory lid that is built in!!

They have whats called MySky. There is two versions, 1. the front panel opens like a sun roof and is removable while the back is removable only. Second version is where front and back panels are removable but no retract mechanism for the front. Regardless of what version they are solid panels. A lot of people are disappointed on the Renegade Forums because they are not clear to let the light in and wish they were glass instead.

So what you are saying is you'd like a one piece, UV inhibited transparent piece that would follow the roof lines and be water tight? It can be done!

YEP! Sweet!

So those who want this we should start Emailing them and get involved on their FB page!:D

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I can't do anything this week and part of next since I'm going away to Cuba (with no phone capable of internet access) but I'll will hit them up on their social media pages when I get back.

Again, Thanks so much for checking.

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