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DPF regeneration symbol cropped up today...

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Thought I was seeing things when the ice warning symbol changed to something which looked like a gust of wind, perplexed parked up and turned the car on and off "keep driving DPF regeneration" message popped up, never had this in my previous cars, but have read horror stories about putting it right.

Over the xmas period i've done an absolute swathe of short journeys, its been very cold which further means the car not getting anywhere close to temp, and to top if off i'm driving round on a tyre which is held up by a fragment of sealant as the tyre repair place washed the rest out and couldn't find the hole (new £120 tyre getting fitted this weekend GRRRRR see my other thread) so i've not gone above 50mph in a while.

Had a quick read on DPFs and the advice on 2500 revs, for 20 mins on motorway, so put her in 4th gear and went for a 20 minute drive out on a quiet festive motorway, after 15 mins light went out, turned around at next junction and drove home in 4th gear for good measure.

That seemed easy :)
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These DPF filters are a thing to worry about. Luckily I drive the motorway most days but a quick internet read shows that it's very expensive to change one and the average life span is 100 000 miles.

Anyone with more experience in this area ?
It would be awesome to drive with 3000+rpm over 20 minutes to burn some carbon, for example monthly. It helps to start regeneration manually.
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