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EBC Yellow Stuff vs Green Stuff

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I just accquired a 2017 Renegade Altitude with 39k miles to replace my 2015 Trailhawk that was totaled in a nasty crash (walked away with only a slightly brused leg).

My 2015 Renegade had some EBC yellow stuff pads which worked great and I loved them with the slightly oversized tires them (KO2 225/65R17). I am sticking with the stock tires on the 2017 (225/55R18)

I got some nice Stoptech slotted rotors I was going to put on my 2015 Trailhawk, but obviously i am not going to now.
I still need to get breakpads and I am deadset on EBC.

I would love to use yellowstuff again, but greenstuff might also be a great fit. I am debating if the increased price point (about 100 bucks after taxes) is justifiable.

I live and drive in Chicago as well as the outling suburbs daily. In other words, I have to deal with the stop and go traffic of the city and the highway at 70MPH+ of the suburbs.

I dont do as much offroading as I use to, but if I have time, I may go for ride.

Here are my questions for those who are very familar with the yellow and green stuff.

What is the lifespan difference?
Breaking power?
In your opinion, Is it worth it to stick with yellow vs. green?
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The real advantage of performance pads like EBC is thermal, and unless you're on a track you're unlikely to ever be near the braking temps where you'd see a benefit. With the semi metallics you'll get increased rotor wear and more brake dust, may as well go with ceramic.

Also, drilled/slotted rotors are not needed with modern pads which don't produce as much gas when hot (if you ever got them that hot, see above). Mostly they just make more noise.
Are you looking for user experience 9r technical details?

For the later they have their own sponsored lounge over on a sister site:

Very interesting videos. Thank you.

I would like to hear anyone who has user experence with these since I only used yellow stuff with 28.5 inch tires.
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