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Electric parking brake

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Those of you who have your Renegade, how do you feel about the electric parking brake?
Is it easy enough to get used to?
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In a word yes it's certainly one of the better ones I've had on a car, the worst being VW's absolute crap.
There is a little trick to getting it to disengage with out you doing it manually. While you are stopped in traffic about to pull away on the flat, a slop or reversing back up an incline, first put it in gear 1st or reverse then gentle start to engage the clutch and you will hear the revs pick up this is with out yet using the accelerator, then apply a little bit of revs and it will disengage.
If you are to abrupt with the clutch and accelerator it wont disengage, I have also noticed that the stop start works a lot better than our Alfa Romeo did which we traded in for the Renegade.:)
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On UK models there is no facility to change how the EPB works. I have checked the user manual and also gone through all the options on the 6.5 Uconnect system and the in dash system. This is a critical safety system that no manufacture allows you to muck about with?
I've had multiple brands and models with EPB's an none had any settings that a driver could alter:)
Here in the UK there is no auto option yet, not available to order until July?
EPB are are fairly straight forward when combined with an auto gear box not quiet so when you have a manual one and that's when you notice good and bad ones:)
Glad you had a good experience first time though:)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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