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Encountered my first my sky issue tonight

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It was a relatively warm day in the pnw today and opens my my sky but when I got home it wouldn’t close so I had to close it usuing my hands. After that I checked the rails and they seem to be pretty dry should I remove both panels and lube the racks and see if that helps or just keep it shut?
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For whatever reason my MySky will open slowly (it will kind of "jutter" open) but close really fast (or just normal speed) without issue. Yes, I keep rolling the dice by messing with it.

The power portion of the Sunroof is the issue that fails, correct? Taking the panels out of the roof is safe I'm guessing?
It actually (from the picture) kind of looks like it's in the middle of both panels / roof. I need to go look at mine to see if I have the emergency key hole now.

Mine, for some reason is making a loud "clang / bang / snapping" noise when I open the vent. Almost like a piece of metal is getting hung up on another piece of metal towards the rear of the front MySky panel. I've taken both panels out and looked around inside and at both panels and I can't see any rubbing or anything that would cause that noise to happen. I've tried to re-seat both panels and still the noise happens.

I'm clueless where this noise is coming from and now afraid to press the button at all.
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