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So I got the Jeep back. Cylender 2 valve was bad, the ac compressor was replaced (its freezing where I am 0C), oil pan that been "replaced" one before and resealed 2 times before, and the thermostat. It's funnily running right after fight with FCA and their customer support.

I did do a bit of research and the tiger shark engines the block was designed by Hyundai and is the same design as the Theta 2 that are know to be unreliable. The head and the manifolds are designed by FCA tho.
The Theta 2 had other issues mostly related to manufacturing processes. A lot of engines are going to low tension piston rings and shorter pistons, all in an attempt to reduce friction and improve mileage. That often results in poor ring seal (causing oil consumption) and/or piston slap.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts