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I have a 2016 renegade trailhawk with the 2.4L. I was wondering if anyone was having problems after the oil consumption recall to reflash the ecu. For mine after the reflashing the ecu I lost power, under acceleration it has noise from around the cam (kinda metal on metal), and vibrations in the cabin when idling in gear. Luckily I got the mopar extended warranty but it seems like they are at a loss. Now they are saying it's a blown head gasket it only has 71k miles and this is the 6 or 7th time I've taken it in for this issue and it seems like they just throwing parts at it. They did 2 new coils (cylenders 2 & 3), new engine moints, new plugs (not champion), reflashed the ecu (every time it went in) and the engine damper. Really just wondering if someone had the same issues and how it was fixed.
Hi there.

If you continue to experience concerns, we suggest you return to the dealership for additional testing. Should you need some support from our team while there, send a private message.

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