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Engine Replacement/Blown Headgasket

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Just seeking advice on how to move forward with some news I abruptly received for my 2016 Jeep Renegade Sport 4WD 2.4L (~87K mileage). This vehicle never has given me any major issues or shown symptoms of any need for service attention recently. It has been upkept with regular oil changes and servicing as needed. I recently went on vacation and had the vehicle parked for a week and upon returning and trying to turn the vehicle on it would not start. It was not the battery as that was recently changed and the vehicle tried very hard to crank, but nothing was successful on its own we even tried charging the battery and jumping it with our other car. I had AAA finally come and they were able to start it, but as soon as you put it in "drive" to move it the engine would flood and the car would shut off. As the car would run, white smoke would flow out of the tailpipe horribly as well. I had it towed to the AAA car center since they are around the corner and they are stating the head gasket is blown and the engine will need replacement. It was not advised to have the engine machined to fix the gasket due to the mileage and age of the vehicle. I am in shock that this came out of nowhere and I want to inquire about any direction on what to do next and if there have been any occurrences or complaints similar to this before. Again, I drove the car a few days before leaving for vacation and it's mainly driven by me and there was absolutely no indication something was wrong. I'm just in disbelief that I'm in need of an engine so early on :-( Thanks in advance.
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I might get a second opinion on this. Could anyone else have driven it while you were away? Do you have a scan tool? 87,000 miles is not a lot of miles, and anyone suggesting you should replace the engine for a blown head gasket is not someone I would trust.
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