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FairOaks chrysler in chantilly VA. DONT GO THERE!!!!

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i bought my renegade the first week it was out in the states it was about 2 days after they received the shipment into the dealership. i needed a new car for a few weeks before this and decided to wait it out without a car just to get a renegade. so i go to the dealership and looked at the cars and i really was not feeling the colors i only wanted wither the silver or the white and they had one silver left but it was a sport model, which i was ok with but i asked them if they could order some parts and upgrade a few things. for the most part i asked for the base latitude. i asked them to put in the STOCK bluetooth and install a roof rack. they then charged me an extra almost 2700$ for the upgrades, which came out to the same price as the base latitude. so a few weeks later after not hearing back from them on the upgrades i stopped talking to my sales guy and just asked the parts guy about the parts, after talking to him i figured out that they would not be putting in the stock bluetooth but the generic Chrysler bluetooth, and for the roof rack they just were not sure when it was coming in. hen i confronted the sales guy about the bluetooth saying that's not what i wanted they agreed to give me back the money for it. i got up to the dealership and they handed me a check back for 350$ saying thats how much the unit cost. and my response was where the **** is the 2500$ going to? i had to go talk to the manager and he ended up telling me that there was a 2000$ up-charge on the vehicle and they were not going to refund me any more money. so they charged me 2700$ -350$ (bluetooth)- 430x2 (roof rails)- 370 (crossbars)= 1120$ that they owe me and it does not even equal out to the 2000$ up-charge they told me they charged me!!!!!. so never giving them business again nor am i letting anyone else i know. i had 2 friends they recently bought wranglers they started off there and then i told them to go to another dealership.
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What a terrible experience! What was printed out in detail on you purchase order/contract regarding the upgraded options? Would think that if they had it detailed out & broken down in price, that you should have some recourse of action.... :(
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