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female jeeper from philippines^^

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hi! i have a white jk rubicon and have been engaged with rock crawling lately. well, of course, from where i am, off-roading is bit a walk in the park compared to MOAB. but that doesn't frustrate me. i say, let's trek wherever we can trek! :laugh: lol.

by the way, i found this forum, thanks to darryl...but i can't seem to find him anywhere. anyway, i've gotten curious with renegade. it looks cool and dashing, but seeing it's new and i'm not really familiar with its parts/specs---can somebody please tell me if renegade is also classified as a civilian jeep? or it's a completely different? can one go off-roading using this? sorry, this is supposed to be a new member's introduction thread but i'm already bombarding you with tons of questions..:laugh:

anyhow, hope to learn much here, and to meet lots of great people too ^^
...greetings from the Philippines!!^^
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Welcome to the forum, what's the off-roading scene like in the Philippines? Any pictures from any events to share with us? :D
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