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This is one of those tiny things that can make an otherwise awesome experience go sour... and if anyone has any insights or clarifying information, it'd be much appreciated.

We were supposed to get exactly 1% off the dealer invoice, using the Chrysler Affiliates Reward Program. We were told to look for the "PP" price on the sales order writeup. It was there for my Trailhawk, but for my wife's Limited, the dealer used something called the "FFP" price. Which seemed fine, both are 1% off.

We go in to see the finance manager to sign the contract paperwork, and I noticed he bumped up the numbers just a tiny bit on my wife's vehicle. By $34, to a price of $30,010. I asked him for the whitesheet that the sales guy had just shown us, and the finance guy acted dumb / couldn't find it. I told him well, I'd like to see the price that we agreed to, on the contract form. He said "You really want to ruin this deal, for just $34?" I said, well I just want to see the numbers correct, so yeah.

Get this, the fella then said "I'll give you the $34 out of my pocket"--I said "OK" then signed... whereupon he then said "Well, I'm not going to do that."

Now, it's just $34 -- but it's the darn principle of the thing.

Anyway, I called up the Chrysler Affiliates Rewards folks, and they said I shouldn't have signed anything with the FFP program--their program is only for the PP price. They can't help me. Very Sorry Etc.

Hey man... it's only $34, a Jeep baseball cap would be nice at least. And that finance guy was a real jerk about it, other words were said afterwards. I don't think I'm out of line, for asking them to stick to what they just showed us. The only thing I can think of, is there might be some extra perk or bonus for them "selling" the care at ten bucks over $30k.
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