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Hello to all from sunny San Diego! I have been following posts for a couple of months in my research for a new car. I actually purchased my Renegade on 08/12, but decided not to post until I could get some good photos of it, so have been silent for my first two weeks of ownership.

Now that I'm posting, you may see me in other threads as I try to be active. My last vehicle was also a first year introduction, so I've been through some growing pains in a car community before!

Details: I wanted orange until I saw it in person....just a tad more red in it than I like from orange. Don't get me wrong, it looks good, but I went with yellow. There was also a yellow one available immediately with all I 'needed' and most of what I 'wanted'. I don't go off-roading (nor do I think my back would take it), so went with a Latitude. It has the cold weather package (I like heated seats as I am in my car at 5:20am every day) and the popular entertainment package. It has the 40/20/40 back seats which is perfect for when I need to transport my stand-up electric bass. The rear has plenty of room for all my other musical gear which is a reason I needed something bigger than I was previously driving.

Even though the dealer I was working with knew I had a test drive scheduled specifically for the car I purchased, the day before the appointment, they dropped the price by $1,600. This made my time in the dealer a little more intense than I wanted it to be since they then tried to make it up by low-balling my trade-in. Once I nipped that in the bud and got the amount I wanted, they tried a higher interest rate than someone with my credit score should be offered. Again, I shut that down with my own financing.

I don't buy cars often (last one was 7 years ago), but I believe in being up-front in the process. I state quite firmly that I am not interested in back-and forth negotiations and they have one shot after their initial offers to get to where I want to be, or I'm out. It helps that I did my research, had financing lined up and really didn't need another car...I just wanted one!

I went to take pictures at Cabrillo Monument and couldn't resist snapping a few of my Renegade....

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