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First Jeep Renegade Mods

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If you're planning to modify your Renegade, what modifications are you planning first?

I figured this could be a fun thread to see what everyone is planning with their Renegades. (And I'm hoping to get ideas from you all :D)
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Latitude. Adding skid plates. Weathertech floor liners. Maybe XPel headlight film.
Oh and maybe a little catalytic theft protection too.

Maybe front & rear dash cam.
And an OBD II lock.
I plan on getting a set of all weather floor mats, hopefully I can find one that fits the trunk as well. I'll be getting some roof racks for bikes and paddle boards. I'm planning on getting the 1.4 with the 6 speed so I'm considering adding a blow off valve or something to hear the turbo noises.
I will finally take delivery on my Opening Edition 2.0L 140hp diesel with 6sp manual around 20-Jan after a long 10 weeks from when it was ordered.

My mods include:
  • Replace factory tires with Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S 225/55R18
  • Set of factory all weather mats (front, rear & cargo area) with Jeep logo
  • Repaint mirror covers Alpine White (same as body color)
  • Repaint grill satin black (silver is too washed out)
  • Orange pinstripe along belt line from mirror to rear quarter window
  • Tuning chip to boost diesel's horsepower from 140 to 164
  • G-Force 4cm lift kit once available
  • Replace lipped front bumper with Trailhawk version or aftermarket once available

I am sure there will be lots more to do once the aftermarket really begins to kick in but these are my current plans. Can't wait to get started.
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Yes to Mike911SC's proposed mod: "Repaint grill satin black..." to mitigate the urinal effect.
If I end up getting a Renegade I will most likely look for an aftermarket Head Up Display to connect to the OBD II.
the urinal effect.
OMG. I had no idea. But now that you mention it.... Ugh. Thanks. Especially with the white I want.
I really want to invest in a Navdy HUD and upgrade the wheels if I can't get the ones I want right off the lot :)
Interesting ideas, let's keep them going.

Now I cannot "un-see" the urinal effect, lol :D

Oh and maybe a little catalytic theft protection too
Is this still an issue these days? I haven't heard of this in years.
... there are already wheels ready for Renny.... ;-)
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now those are awesome
what tire size are you planning to go with?
Is this still an issue these days? I haven't heard of this in years.
Still happens. Usually there's a rush before the snow flies and they're getting some $$ for Christmas. Quiets down alot until Spring for obvious reasons.
Oh, and maybe gas struts for the hood. Depends on how sturdy that aluminum hood is. Cause it would only be one day of ownership before I accidentally knock out that pole strut and drop the hood on my head.
gas struts are a must.
have you looked into seeing if they can mount up easily or could they require a good amount of work to be successfully installed?
Alloy Wheels Renegade all black.......

I'm waiting some tires to check.... hope 29".... :)
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