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First one to have one in Town ...

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... or even in Bavaria

so finally i took my new ride home two hours ago ...

this one had to leave ...

and this is the new Ride ...

to answer a few questions:

- in the back right bumper the white inlay is the reverse light
- the white crosses are the turn signals
- the turn signals in the mirrors are directed to the side only
- the orange plastic reflector on the front side are not lit and no turn lights

I drove the little Rascal home on 60 km country roads with some step hills at
speed between 80 - 100 km/h (speed limit) and the car runs smooth, you guess you are driving a much bigger Car that it is.
The car itself feels like a very high levelled Cart.

Milage reading from the onboard Computer says about 15 km/l Diesel so that´s not bad for a Car like this
that´s about 6.7 l/km ...

So far i can see this was the right decision for me and now i don´t want to talk iwant to ride ... :):x>:D:D
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