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First Ontario Thread

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Don't have one yet. But a very serious contender for my money when they arrive in Ontario.
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I went to 3 dealerships,

Aurora, Dixie and Downsview,

Aurora and Dixie

Dixie sales people knowledge was lacking(Told me that patriot blue(2016 color) and Seirra blue(2015 color) where the same, and it was just how the pamphlet where printed that made them different. Aslo while we were talking one of the mechanics came to give the salesman **** about something else.

Aurora had two sales people neither seemed interested(one was busying playing a golf game on his PC. and the other the best price he gave me was 30$ off...(he also said he would have to check if his manager if he could do it.)

Downsview was great, the salesman that i dealt was 10X better than the rest(he is the owners son).

The only Issues ive had have been non mechanical (non-critical)
- large paint chip on the door handle. (which that tried to fix unsuccessfully because they couldnt get the right color)
-2 rusted bolts(replaced)
-front right speaker damanged(ordered)


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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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