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What did you order?
I'm waiting on the 1.4T/6-speeds to start coming in to decide what to get.

I agree that the 5.0 uConnect is as small as it can get and still be. useable.
The 3.5" is dinky to the point of being vestigial.
Jeep needs to figure out how to stuff a larger screen in there.

I got to drive a Fiat 500L with the 1.4T/auto the other day.
It was pepy dispite being around 200lbs heavier, having an auto and being higher geared ( 3.5xx vs 4.438 ) than the Rene.
A good omen.

The interior on the 500L felt cartoonish though.
The over sized lettering on the shifter, odd parking brake and overall layout of the interior was trying way too hard to be " youthful ".
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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