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First wash since I bought it.

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Just did the first wash today, I use a lot of chemical guys products, personal preference. But this liquid wax hybrid goes on easyish, and is slick as hell and looks really good. Hoping my smoke side markers will be in later today. My Renegade is also now a garage princess since I only drive it once a week if that. But pollen is so bad in NC right now.
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Lookin’ real good!

I also enjoy Chemical Guys’ products. Been using the Black Light soap for awhile now with great results.
I have always liked their products. Usually just order from their website. But Walmart started carrying their products and there is now a detail garage store in VA about 1.5 hr trip, but pre covid they had cars and coffee once a month.
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Looks amazing! What about a few bush marks will it erase them?
This is more of just a wax type deal. I have chemical guys polishing compound for scrapes and stuff. I usually wash it, use synthetic spray detailer and wipe it down to get ride of spots, use chemical guys banana spray wax, then the hyper wax ceramic coating. Good results with everything so far, used all the same stuff on my Civic when I had it.
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Sweet ride! Feel bad getting rid of it?
Nah, I really liked it, really liked working on it too. But the Renegade is more family friendly. My next ride will be a Durango/Grand Cherokee with the 5.7 Hemi, or maybe a Wrangler, 4 Doors is a must now.
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