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For Canadians... Renegade arrival according to sales

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For Canadians and those who are in the Montreal region :

I talked to a sales at one Jeep dealer here that I got his contact from a friend.

He said that the Renegade won`t be in Montreal Showrooms before 3 months from now... So I presume, not before May.

He also mentioned that the Trailhawk will be very rare to find at dealers here for a test drive as it will be a special order... Yet if they get one, that should be at the far end of the release... That means to me late summer...

All in all, he estimates the Trailhawk around 32.000 Canadian $ and with Qc Prov + fed taxes and fees around 38k (CA$) if I am not mistaken...

All in all, I will go and test drive it when out but I doubt I will buy it for this price considering that the Trailhawk is my objective in this model and other trims are irrelevant to my needs

Thought sharing with fellow Canadians :)

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Looks like $41.5k after taxes for an almost fully loaded Trailhawk. $6k cheaper than a better optioned but unfortunately larger Cherokee.
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