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Oh yes indeed we do Hunkeemoose.

I raised this topic some time last year after getting caught out.

Returning home from my caravan (approx 90 miles normally) I had a spare 25L drum of diesel, 3 bars of fuel on the gauge and a lovely Summer day so I took the long way home at 55mph on mainly dual carriageway and motorway.

Low fuel light comes on after I have just passed the last motorway service station before home (about 15 miles). Gets home on fumes but fear not as I still have the spare 25L of diesel.

Pop the flap, insert the fuel can nozzle and nothing. Absolutely nothing, no fuel flow, no noise, no air bubbles.

Hmm. A quick internet search of this forum gave me the answer and fortunately I had the part to hand. In the boot beside the spare wheel I keep a small emergency pack and included is a small gray funnel looking think. (I never knew what it was)

So, with our Jeeps when you insert the garage fuel nozzle it triggers (in my words) a small metal gate that sits across the filler pipe. Pressure from a flexible nozzle on a fuel can, won't move it but the hardened plastic of the funnel when insterted into the filler pipe releases the gate and in turn allowed the plastic filler nozzle to used and thereby 25L of diesel went into the tank.

Imagine how silly I felt standing there with 25L of fuel that I couldn't get into the tank and had even taken a 70 mile detour for an overall return journey of just under 160 miles. To say I was thankful of around 50MPG is an understatement.

However as they say, Forewarned is Forearmed. It will not happen again :whistle::whistle:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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