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Fuel Pump Module Safety Recall

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I just got a notification on my phone Jeep app saying there is a safety recall for the fuel pump module for 2017-2018 Renegades. Of course, in true FCA fashion, it also states "repair parts not available". Naturally....

Has anyone else received this notification ?

This vehicle has more problems than Forrest Gump taking Advanced Calculus at Harvard...
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No notifications. I can check at work Friday if I remember. lol

Have you seen TSB and recall lists on other vehicles? A lot of them make the Renegade look like the most reliable, trouble free vehicle on the road. No joke. :lol:
I checked Alldata at work last week, nothing showing up on the module. Less than one page of TSB's TOTAL for the Renegade. Ford Fusions have pages, and pages, and pages of TSB's. LOL!
According to the Recall this effects 2.4L 4x2 Renegades only.
I just got a notification that my trailer hitch has a recall notice also.

That one made me chuckle because I don't HAVE a trailer hitch.

Maybe if I go they'll put one on ?? :)
If you have nothing to do, or perhaps your next appointment. I would tell them you would like it taken care of. :D
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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