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No pics, but I checked out Middle Fork Road this weekend and it was prrretty great. The entire stretch is only open on weekends while under construction but there are some really rough (fun) patches. What was truly a fun drive was NF-100 [google maps] at the end of Middle Fork. It is a rough and rocky unpaved road with a couple spots that actually requires some 4x4 use, albeit short. We only drove maybe 50% of it's length due to time and we had just hiked Pratt River Trail. NF-110 goes for quite a ways and I passed multiple 4x4 vehicles on the way in and out with my TH being the smallest.

It's not extreme by any means but is a great drive for something thats only ~45mins away. Driving the whole thing from the start of Middle Fork Road to the end of NF-110 could easily take 1.5–2hrs.
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