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GA: Duluth, Buford, and Lawrenceville Dealers

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The Awesome:
Doug at Hayes Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Lawrenceville

After 2 months of being given the run around at other dealerships I finally got a car. By this time my husband bought a truck from a private seller so we just needed one vehicle. I bought my Renegade after Doug helped me choose between the Cherokee TH I wanted and the Renegade my husband wanted me to get. I had driven the Cherokee before and loved it and had ridden in the Renegade when my husband test drove it. Doug was amazing and we really got along great with him. He had me test drive the Blue Latitude and that is what I ended up going home in. I wanted a TH but they did not have it so I got the Latitude knowing my husband could do whatever I wanted to it. We had gotten there during a rush and did not leave till 11:30PM waiting to be seen by their finance people but that was fine since we got to talk a lot with Doug.

Before I bought my Renegade on 7/20 my husband took me to a few other dealers. I will leave off the horrible service at the others and just talk about the 2 other Jeep dealers I visited before Hayes.

Carmax in Duluth:
Great service and super helpful. I went to look at the Dodge Rams for me and the Jeeps for my husband. They actually where nice enough to tell us to go to a Jeep dealer since there were incentives out for buying a Jeep but they could not give us those if we bought the Jeep from them. We could only get the military discount but not any of the other incentives Jeep was offering.

Now for the bad:
Mall of Georgia Chrystler Jeep Dodge, Buford, GA:
The first guy we met was rude and had horrible breath. It was also really hard to talk with him since we hardly understood him and he could not understand us. We went in after I got off work and wanted to buy 2 cars right then. He did not want to go over prices or anything. I asked about certain cars I wanted and saw online on their site. He kept saying they where sold out of all the Wranglers, only had a few Cherokees (2), and a few Renegades. When we did come down to pricing he gave us a price $7K over what it should have been and then did not want to give any discounts that where out at the moment. He then told us to just leave and come back tomorrow even though it had just started storming really bad outside. Yes, he made us leave the dealership in the middle of the monsoon and lightening because he did not want to be there at 9PM.

We went back a few days later after their manager called us apologizing and asked us to come back in. They could not do anything that day since their systems where down and they said they would have to call us back when they could finish paperwork. They never called back... We were all set to buy 2 cars yet they seemed to not want to do business with anyone.
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I'd like to add a couple dealers onto this list.

The Best EVER:
Larry at Akins Ford Jeep Chrysler Dodge in Winder
After it became clear that the Jeep Renegade was the best value in its class, I decided I wanted the Trailhawk. We only found a couple of them in metro-Atlanta, both of them within our budget. My father's company offers corporate affiliate discounts on Chryslers and Fords and we went in with our own financing through Capitol One. The next day my father called Akins Ford and inquired about the Trailhawk they had on their website so he could get an idea of what the drive-out price would look like, Larry called him back promptly and informed him that the internet price was actually incorrect. Apparently whomever had put the inventory up on the website hadn't read the fine print that said Trailhawks were excluded from the $1500 manufacturer's rebate. Now, most dealerships would have left it at that, but Larry said he would honor the internet price ($23,500) because it was their mistake. The only caveat was that the price was only offered to my father and we had to use dealer financing. He sent us several pictures of the vehicle and I was delighted to see that it was the exact Omaha orange that had been tested in Motor Trend. My father tried to place a deposit on it but Larry said there was no need and that my father's word we would come by that evening was sufficient to place a sold sign on it and park it in the side lot. We arrived at Akins around dinner time and true to his word, the car was parked on the side of the building with my father's name on it and the sticker removed. Even CarMax will stick a "Pending" sign on it but leave the price sticker up if the vehicle transaction hasn't cleared yet. We walked right into the dealership, Larry introduced himself and immediately took us outside to see and test-drive the car. During the first test drive, Larry rode with my mom, bro, and I but only to fill up the gas tank for us. He allowed us to take it on two more test drives, during which both my parents wanted to drive the car. After I decided I wanted it, he took us to his office and had the paperwork filled out in less than twenty minutes. There was no haggling, no nonsense, no back-and-forth, the internet price was given to us as promised. After the paperwork was all done, we passed over to finance. During this time, Larry and my mother took the car back through detailing because they had missed some of the adhesive residue around the doors from when it was sealed (it had just arrived from Italy the day before). The financing was as much of a breeze as the rest of the evening. Akins was more than happy to run my dad's affiliate discounts (unlike the Ford dealership we had previously gone to) but found that the internet price was much cheaper. As I mentioned, to get the price we had to use the dealer's financing, but the guy was unable to find a lower rate than Capitol One, so he did the financing through them instead of one of Akins' major lenders. We spent under thirty minutes in financing and as soon as we were finished, I was on my way back to Atlanta in my brand new Jeep Renegade Trailhawk!
Akins was a dream to deal with and even without the price error on the TH, they are still cheaper than other dealers. We built my particular TH on the Jeep site to see how much it retailed for and it turns out our drive out price was less than the price for the base TH model; mine was $29,000 before taxes, tag, dealer fees, etc. All in all we saved around $4000 and decided to purchase gap insurance. The manner in which Akins handled the situation was incredibly honest and is a testament to their great customer service values, something that is sorely lacking at most dealerships today. It may be a little bit of a drive to get there, but it is more than worth it. Ask for Larry!

Just Bad:
Troncalli Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Cumming
The other dealer that had a TH was Troncalli. My father called them to find out the same information as he got from Akins--drive out price, affiliate program discounts, etc. and the salesperson was too busy to speak with him and said she would call back. Hours later she finally did and told us the same thing Akins had: the internet price ($25,600) was incorrect. Rather than admitting it was their mistake, she told him that he should have read the fine print that said the internet price was a sum total of all of these separate discounts and that you couldn't even combine them all, making the price impossible. She was unwilling to quote him a drive out price but said the actual price of the vehicle was $29,000 because, being a TH, it didn't qualify for most of the discounts applied. In addition to shamelessly lying about the price, the salesperson did not seem too eager to gain my father as a customer. Everybody he spoke with was apathetic and unmotivated by the prospect of making a significant sale. They weren't prompt with their phone calls or forthcoming with the information, only admitting the price was incorrect after my father pressed them. After dealing with this, we crossed Troncalli off of our list.
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I bought my Jeep at Opelika Chrysler Dodge Jeep...but they didn't have any models with My Sky. And that was a must. So they got me one from the Buford lot haha. That lot did however forget (or lost) the key to take the panels off. So there's a second strike. Opelika is trying to get it for me now (just got the car yesterday).

Had a horrible experience in Griffin Georgia trying to buy the same model I just got. They low balled my trade then insulted me personally when I challenged them on it. I said I was leaving and they thanked me for wasting their time. (it was a 2 hour drive each way + the time wasted on the lot, so I waste a total of 6 hours that Saturday only to be insulted). Went to Opelika which was 5 minutes from where I live and they were the best and got me exactly what I wanted with the trade value that I was hoping for in Griffin.
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