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Gas pump overflowing [Fixed - reconstructed the gas tank]

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A couple of days ago I was filling up my tank for the first time at about 200 miles into my renegades life.

The pumped started overflowing and spewing out gas viciously. I turned off the pump. Luckily it was raining so i don't think it will affect my paint. I alerted the station employee and he said there hasn't been any problems at that pump.

It smells like gas in my garage even though it's been days. I heard this could be due to some area of my car being flooded with gas? Also my gas gauge has read full and hasn't gone down since the incident.

Any insight would be helpful. Bringing it to the dealer tomorrow. Will keep posted.
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For your sake, I hope you don't smoke. As for hesitation on starting, check battery and alternator health. If there is a electrical drain, that could weaken the battery just enough where it doesn't have quite enough juice to fire the car right up.

Also, in modern cars, it is recommended that you turn and leave the key to the on position so that the fuel system can pressurize before clicking it over to "ignition". Since the Renegade's system is keyless/push button... this probably doesn't apply.
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