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Good negotiated deal in Ontario?

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Has anyone negotiated a good deal in Ontario?
I'm looking at the North edition with Front wheel drive (Automatic).
Has the dealer been willing to remove freight? or come down on the purchase price? Anyone know the invoice price?
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I actually got a great deal. I negotiated down from 36K to 30K.
I got mine July 1st from Stouffville Chrysler.Omaha Orange, North Edition 4WD, winter package and back up camera. Negotiated with them, got $3K knocked off the price, 1% off the interest rate and an after market tow hitch installed.
I showed them what Subaru were offering for their base XV Crosstek, they were not able to beat it, but their willingness to deal (and the fact I preferred everything about the Renegade) sold me on it. They are still in contact with me making sure everything is going well.

By the way I have seen two others in the last 2 months in the GTA, an orange one and a red one.
The Red one must have been mine. I have the only red one in the GTA. The orange one came from North York Chrysler. I saw the one at Stouffville, but got a better deal at Vaughan.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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