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Good negotiated deal in Ontario?

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Has anyone negotiated a good deal in Ontario?
I'm looking at the North edition with Front wheel drive (Automatic).
Has the dealer been willing to remove freight? or come down on the purchase price? Anyone know the invoice price?
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Tofu, do you have your Renegade yet? I'm just curious how you are finding it.
Not yet, have to wait till at least mid September as they're building it. will def give you guys an update once it comes in. Still hoping to be he first to cruise around the tdot with it.

Sammydni, did you get a manual or auto? If it's the auto, how's everything performing? Read a couple posts about transmission problems and got me worrying. At this point I could back out and get my deposit back and get something else. But the renegade defined its market really well, I don't know if anything else can compare.
Tofu, I too was waiting for mine to be built, but my sales rep found the exact car I wanted at another Toronto location. This one came within 2 weeks rather than the 6-8 weeks that it was originally supposed to come in. It is a Automatic North. I went and picked it up on Wednesday and was back at the dealership yesterday with the service transmission message and check engine light on, and I was back there again this morning with the same problem. I was told they are going to have to call engineering about the problem and that I am probably going to be stuck with a rental. I really hope that you have better luck than I do at this point.
renegade41, is it painted yellow? sounds like u got the lemon from toronto that been passed around location to location ;P
No it is a black Renegade North from the Woodbridge/Vaughan location. It had around 87km on it when I got it. It's been back to the dealership since Friday morning. They gave me a rental car on Friday night and I have no idea how long I will have it or when I will get my car back. They said they needed more time to run more tests on it.
Tofu, mine is auto. I have put 6500kms on it, and no issues.
This is really good to hear. I was starting to really doubt my decision to buy this car.
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I think knucklez was joking? lemon? yellow? Lol

All jokes aside though hope there really isn't a lemon car being passed around in Toronto, and you get your renegade back soon. Please keep us updated on what the problems are.
At that point, that is exactly how I felt so any jokes I wasn't really paying attention to. Car has been in since Friday morning. I have had a rental since Friday night. I went in on Monday night after hearing nothing from the dealership. I was supposed to receive a phone call on Monday afternoon. I talked to someone and he said that they are going to be replacing one part that has to do with software and is hoping that this will do the trick. He said that it is very similar to what they did with the Cherokees when they first came out. He said it would take roughly 5 days, so the car will be ready by Friday or Monday. Fingers crossed this will work and I will get my car back soon.
Update: Still don't have the car. They were missing 2 seals on Friday, so I was told Monday. Yesterday I didn't hear anything so I went into the dealership and I was told they didn't get the seals in the shop until 3pm so they weren't starting it until today. I heard from them three times; first time: install almost done, programming to start and then test drive; second time: programming being done; third time: programming issues so they're going to keep working and keep it over night. Going onto day 12 of my rental.
I'm so happy to see so many of you guys are happy with your Renegades. I still have yet to get mine back and a firm answer as to what is really long. I believe they are beginning into looking for a new one for me, with my exact specs, which makes things a little bit more challenging.
Any updates on what the exact issues are? From your previous posts it sounded like software, but then you mentioned something about missing seals? Doesn't sound good. Hope they figure that out.

I'm still waiting on mine, last update was that it's being framed 2 weeks ago but still no delivery date.

Has anyone had any experience with actually returning their vehicle and getting their money back? I know the states have the lemon laws, wondering if there's anything similar here.
That was just the beginning. They replaced the valve body, which is what they needed the seals for. After they re-programmed and did software stuff, the car wouldn't start. This is when they realized that the wiring harness was crushed, they replaced that. When the car started, it was stuck in reverse. They finally have it out of that and it then recognized drive, neutral, and reverse, but not park. They were told what they had to do through tech line. They looked at the shifter. It now drives, but they were given something to test from tech line, so if they got that done yesterday, they will have to wait to hear back from tech line, which takes forever. I'm on Day 22 of driving a rental car, and not happy with my purchase at all. I opened a case with FCA and they are zero help. I am wondering if it is something to do with the BCM after doing some research on here, but they won't replace any of that type of stuff unless tech line tells them to.
I'm sorry to hear that, and that stuff does worry me a lot about my purchase. There was a thread here I read as well about the crushed wires and them not assembled properly that caused issues.

Thanks for the insight. It seems that for the large percentage of people issues are minor, but for the small percentage the issues are disastrous, do you think you'll wait it out or seek legal action?
I can't afford to go the legal route. The whole point of me buying a new car was to ensure I would not run into this problem. I'm kind of stuck at this point. I do not think they will replace the car even though it has so many problems and they cannot pinpoint the exact problem.
You have been more than patient. When it reaches 30 days have a sit down with the dealer principal. This is the guy that owns the dealership. Tell him you want a new car and should not have to deal with this any longer. Tell him as nicely as possible how loyal you are and that you really like the vehicle but cannot trust it at this point. If he says no inform him that you will see a lawyer and see what your options are. No dealer wants to get involved with legal issues especially when they can get FCA corporate to just take a loss on the vehicle.
I got a call from the dealership today that the car had been road tested and can be picked up tomorrow. The service manager didn't want me picking it up unless both him and the mechanic were there, as we are all going to go on a road test to ensure it seems okay. I am also going to ensure that all software updates are done on it. If something happens and I have to bring it back (knock on wood), I am getting a new car and I don't care what it takes. That would be absolutely ridiculous. 28 days will be this coming Friday, so I will be picking it up after 27 days in the dealership. I have owned the car for 29.
Thats great news. Let us know how it works out. I am sure we are all confident that the problems have been fixed and you can finally enjoy the car.
I have the car back and it has been driving great. The mechanic who has had it for the last 27 days just decided to search for something on his own that didn't look right in the car and he found a loose lever of some sort. As soon as it was fixed the car drove again. He took it fora 100km road test and we both went out today on a road test and it was driving awesome :)
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Now that's an awesome mechanic, at least we know who you'll be going to next time!

Some mechanics are absolutely clueless as to what to do at times.
He had been working on my car since day 1, but was doing what tech line told him to do. Tech line was just taking way too long, and I don't really think they knew what to do. I am very lucky to have a mechanic who now knows my car inside and out as he has had it apart so many times.
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Thats great news. what color and trim is your renegade? just wondering if i'll see it on the road. only other renegade i saw was a commando green limited in markahm.

I have a 2015 North in black.


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