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Good negotiated deal in Ontario?

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Has anyone negotiated a good deal in Ontario?
I'm looking at the North edition with Front wheel drive (Automatic).
Has the dealer been willing to remove freight? or come down on the purchase price? Anyone know the invoice price?
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Just took deliver on a brand new Renegade, I think I got a really really good deal with 2016's on the lot

2015 Jeep Renegade Sport 4x4 6-Speed Manual
Package 21A with Power and Air Group

$18,375.40 Sale price
$1,695.00 Frieght
$100.00 Air Tax
$19.00 Tire Fee
$10.00 Omvic

HST $2,625.92
OTR $22,825.32

On delivery there was a $25 Lic/Gasoline fee but I also received a $50 Pioneer Gas Gift Card
That's a lot better than what I'm seeing. I'm in Ottawa and currently drive a 2012 Patriot but am itching to move into a Renegade. I drove in one a friend had as a loner, and went to a dealer to test drive one.

The dealership managed to piss me off so I don't want to go back there. It's where I get my service done and I got a 'contest' email from them. I did the contest and at the end they offered a $100 gift card to come in for a test drive. I liked the Renegade and have bought several new Jeeps over the years, but they basically didn't have the gift card and said they'd make it up to me if I bought a vehicle. That bait & switch really annoyed me so I'm not going back there.

If I can get a deal remotely close to the above on a 2015 I'll do it, but from what I see there's nothing close to it around here. The one I drove was a Sport 4x2 with barely any add-ons and was $24k++. They were not willing to deal on the price either, mostly wanted me to try a Cherokee since they had tons of them on the lot.

Any suggestions on how to find a good price? I'd travel to get a deal but I also want to trade-in my Patriot so I'd like a decent trade value.
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