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Picked up my new Latitude on Thursday. Drove it around all weekend and we just love it. Very roomy, quiet, good gas mileage (Around 31-32 on the highway) My only beef is a tiny one. the center console isnt very big and few other storage areas for miscellaneous items. Seating is comfortable, and the radio/Sirius/bluetooth is really cool. Very happy!


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Congrats! :D
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I already do. I was part of a Jeep off road racing team back in the 80's. My wife's car is a 2012 Wrangler (also orange!) Its a jeep family.
I thought it was red from the first pic but its actually the orange one.
Ooo - that's awesome, then - it's much brighter than I thought, which is better to me :)
Nice. Can you post an updated image of the vehicle with the mylar "eybrow" you mentioned in your other post.

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