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Hi all,

Got the call this afternoon to say that my Glacier Metallic TH will be at my dealer at the end of this week and ready to pick up next week.

It's been a long wait, it will be 5 days short of 4 months from when I ordered it to when I can go and pick it up.

Hopefully it's going to be worth the wait :)

Any advice from anyone when collecting the TH on things I should ask the dealer etc...?


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Things to look for can be found here...
Other checklist tips Topic which outlines
-Tire Pressure
-Cosmetic holes
-Dealership branding
-Shipping mode reset further info here.
-Run VIN number (to get correct future updates)
-Undercarriage plugs
-Leakage in cabin
-Chips, scratches or other exterior damage (might as well check interior too)

Again, congrats

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