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2018 Renegade Latitude, 2019 Renegade Limited
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Hello all,

My wife and I currently own two Renegades, which are our fourth and fifth Jeeps. Our previous Jeeps were a 1995 Cherokee Country, a 2003 Liberty Limited and a 2010 Patriot Sport. We bought a new 2019 Renegade Limited for my wife and liked it so much that when the frame rotted through on my Patriot last spring, I picked up a used 2018 Latitude.

For the record, we both have a heated steering wheel and consider it to be one of the best features!

We were initially worried that the Renegade wouldn't have enough space in the back for our 85-lb. Labrador Retriever, but she has plenty of space back there. Bottom line: we love our Renegades.

Here are some pictures of our rides.

2019 Limited, 1.3L-Turbo, panoramic sunroof, 18" wheels:
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car

2018 Latitude, 2.4L, 17" wheels, Mopar cross bars, Yakima Rocketbox Pro 11:
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Vehicle Wheel

Finally, a photo from last spring:
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Sky Automotive side marker light
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