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Joined a few days ago. Long story short, I'm 26 and a shattered femur had left me in need of a new car as climbing in and out of my Kia Forte was no longer feasible. After test driving everything in the small SUV/CUV/Crossover segment and doing a lot of research, and lurking on here, I finally pulled the trigger today on a 2016 Trailhawk.

120 miles or so today as we had to go somewhere down in Maryland right after. Loving it so far but it doesn't quite feel real yet if that makes any sense. Didn't get to take many pictures yet but here's the one I did grab earlier:

Uconnect 6.5 with Nav and the Premium Trailhawk Package with the Remote Start and Keyless Entry are the options I ended up going with. And its Black obviously. I was trying to keep my payment lower since I had to go upside down on the Kia because of my circumstances. Plus all the sunroof complaints worried me and I barely ever used my previous ones anyway so that wasn't a big deal for me.
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