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Hatch release button INSIDE the dang Jeep

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I like to camp out in my jeep, I made a sleeping platform for that exact reason. The lack of a release button from inside the car is frustrating! SO, I made one. It was super easy, just cut some wires and ran a toggle switch to the inside of the hatch.

I thought about running one all the way to the driver area but I don't need it, I just want it for when im sleeping back there.

UPDATE: I replaced the switch with a sleek push button

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Love it man. I’ve always wanted to rig up an internal trunk release.

I tried playing around with the idea a while ago. I wanted to be able to tap into both the trunk release and locking button. I thought it would be nice to have a little button that you could hit inside the “sleeper cab (trunk, lol)” that you hit before you go to sleep, and everything locks up secure. I could never find a spot where the system would detect the keys and allow me to do that, so I just gave up. I might just drop that idea and do only the trunk release.

One thing I will say is be careful about things hitting that switch. I don’t know if trunk release is disabled when the vehicles in gear or not, but it’s not worth having the half gallon of milk hitting it and having your groceries hit the Camry behind you.
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Thanks! eventually I will replace it with a push button since it was so easy to do anyway. The AutoZone near my house did not have any but im sure I can order a 1/2in push button online, no problem. Also, I thought about that issue of something hitting it so what I did (for the time being) was installed the toggle so you have to PULL instead of push. If you push it toward the glass, it does nothing currently. regardless, I want to make it more sleek.
You are a smart man 👍
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