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Hi all,

LOVE this forum. So useful and everyone is so helpful.

Question: I've had my Latitude Renegade a few weeks now, and no issues (other than key sticking inside ignition, but found the solution on this forum!)... but I keep reading about these "flashes" that some owners have had performed on their Renny's. So do I need one myself? Is this something I should ask my dealer about and take it in for one? Or is this something you only get WHEN you get problems?

My Renegade was manufactured in May 2015. Not sure if these needed flashes I've read about were only for earlier manufactured Renegades. I am sure my dealer would have mentioned it during the sales process if it needed it; I'd like to think or that it was "flashed" prior to sale?

Thanks everyone. So far, I am LOVING MY RENEGADE! I have the Glacier color. So gorgeous!
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