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Greetings from Alberta.
I am an owner of two Jeeps, one 2014 Cherokee North which has been a lemon and the other an 89 YJ which has been great for many plus years.
I'm looking forward to purchasing the new Renegade which I have driven and experienced on several occasions and I've got to say that it's a perfect mix between the the new Cherokee and the new Wrangler.
In the Renegade Trailhawk you get many of the 4x4 options and technology of the Wrangler, but still the comfort, fuel mileage, and accessories of the Cherokee for city driving.
I did find that the 2.4L was a little underpowered but that is also coming from 280+ HP V6 of my Cherokee, but I did find that the 9 speed transmission preformed much better with the 4 cylinder Renegade engine. The 180 HP and almost equal torque will be plenty for most, especially since this little Jeep can still pull around 2000lbs of trailer for toys.
Now I just need to decide of which model that I would like or need.
I really like the ground clearance, 4x4 system with low and hill decent, skid plates, red tow hooks, and Anvil paint which are only offered with the Trailhawk, but how often am I really going to use some of those 4x4 specific options?
The Limited is really nice too, offering a few more luxury and safety options, but this model does not have the same ground clearance as the front and rear facia are lower and maybe even more appealing, for city folk anyways. It still offers a great AWD system which even allows to be locked in 4x4 for those times when you think that you need this option, which if you pick one of the other setting such as snow, sand, mud and auto, the system uses the 4x4 when needed.
Either way I'm waiting for the my sky power roof or I'll need to order my specific option requests to be built in Italy.

Wow, the first world issues that we struggle with eh?
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