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Hello from COLORADO! Renegades are here!..

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Hello all, I have been waiting for some time to check these lil' buggers out. Test drive Monday, I may hold out for the My-Sky though. Any reports of that in the states on a TH yet?

Price point: Good at $28,230 - This has remote start, and the cross detection stuff, with the small navi screen. I wouldn't want the cross detection crap.

Feel: I loved the feel of all hinges, doors, latching, seals, and materials even the hard plastics are Okay by me :)

Looks: Looks GREAT, just the right size, any smaller and it would have been upsetting, but it's the ideal 4x4 I want.

Disappointments: The tire decision, I know we were all eager to see the FALKEN PEAK H/T's on there, from what it look slike a 225 tire would fit just fine with about 1/2" clearance to strut base... Why didn't it happen!? The Wrangler's are a major let down...

The other letdown was the final MPG... 29...29!? With all that time, they knew what they needed to do, and how to do it... Why did it not happen? 30+ for all models!

Anyway, I will be back to drive it and test. Anyone have real-world mpg updated at hwy? 65 vs 70 vs 75?

Fort Collins, CO delivery was about 5 Latitude's and 1 TH so far. The Anvil color is growing on me, but I will hold out for Commando or Omaha.


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