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New Renegade Limited 2.0 Diesel 4x4 AT9Low in Mojave Sand checking in.
Picked it up at the dealer yesterday and drove it home 400 miles. We had 40*C/104*F, but it was a pleasure to do the 8h-drive home (got stuck in friday traffic at several locations).
I got an average of 38 mpg wich is not bad, but I hope to get better than 40 mpg once the engine is broken in.
Looks great! I have a Alpine White Limited 4x4 2.0 diesel 9-speed Low. I have driven 4300 km during this summer and have averaged 6.2 liters/100km. It has mostly been short trips and low speed. I expect the fuel consumption to get well below 6.0 liters/100km now that my driving will mainly consist of my daily commute to work on country roads. The car is much more fuel efficient than I dared to hope for! :)
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