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Hello from Indiana!!!

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Hello everyone! I am a retired Army 1SG/E-8 with 22+years served and continue to serve as Army civilian employee at Fort Knox, KY. Born and raised in Southern Indiana where I currently live todayJ I just purchased a 2015 Jeep Renegade Limited almost 2 weeks ago and I just love itJ Got the FWD limited in Mojave sand with black leather interior, have had several comments about my new Jeep already! I also own a 14Jeep Cherokee Limited that my wife drives to work and we both love that vehicle as well. So far on the Renegade, I have updated all of the exterior lights to LED and replaced headlight and fog light bulbs with Sylvania Ultra xe and they rock! Also replaced cargo with LED and will replace other interior bulbs later. Am having the “Lamp fault” in DIC so may have to switch out and get canbus error free LEDs.

I also posted on the site earlier about an issue I am having, here is what I posted earlier:
Anyone know how to do a factory reset on 6.5an system? My Renegade is having issues, I have called Uconnect and used Assist feature 4 times with no help. I asked if they could walk me thru a Factory Reset and the rep would not do it.... I have no Yelp or Uconnect Store access via my system. I also own a 14Jeep Cherokee with 8.4a system and have done a reset on that before with no issues. Instruction on how to do that can be found everywhere”

Thanks everyone and if anyone can help, that would be great!!!!!!
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Nice to have you join us. This site is a tremendous resource due to the members, hope you stick around and find it useful. Feel free to reach out if you ever needed anything.
Welcome and thank you for your military service. Enjoy your new car.
Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the forum from a fellow Hoosier and thank you for your service!
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