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Hello from Pittsburgh, PA

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Hello everybody,

I've been following the forum for a while now, but have never had anything insightful to add so I never felt the need to join.

Today, I've received great news that I'm sure all of you will be excited to hear. After visiting with my local Jeep dealer, I was informed that they have 3 Renegades In-Transit and the dealership expects them by the end of the month because they are scheduled to have a training session in Ohio at the beginning of April.

A funny story is that I was actually going to the dealer because I have grown tired of waiting and waiting and waiting and was ready to purchase a Cherokee instead. During my test-drive the salesman and I began talking about the Renegade and that's how I found all of this out. Unfortunately for my salesman he didn't get the sale today, but I will be sure to find him whenever I go back to check out the Renegades at the end of the month.

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Yeah, I think they will start trickling in over the next four weeks.
Welcome aboard, glad you finally joined us.
Have you been checking out vehicles from other car makers or are you just set on getting the Renegade?
Hi Chris I live north of you and have inquired at Jeep Dealerships from Greenville to Pittsburgh but only get not sure when they will arrive and left my contact info; which dealership have you spoken with who is expecting the arrival?
The first one (a Sport) showed up at my local dealer in Eastern PA today. They have three more in transit (all automatics). I am not in a hurry to test drive it since I'm holding out for a 1.4T manual car.
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