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Greets to all from Rochester, NY!

I'm the proud new owner of a 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude, and so far I love my little red Jeep, :)

So - just a little history:
Prior to having the twins, about 10 yrs back, I used to have a '98 Cherokee - which I fricken' _LOVED_. I drove that thing as hard as I've ever driven any of my vehicles. 7" lift, and 100% off-road capable - all done in my garage and driveway myself (I'm proud to say!).

I made the Cherokee work until the boys were about 2, and then eventually I sold it for something bigger - amazing how much there is to carry with twins, and the Cherokee just didn't have the room - and it was only a 2dr. Ended up with a '03 Durango - which from the looks of it just looked like a bigger version of my Cherokee, but it really wasn't. I never enjoyed, or believed-in my Durango like I did my Cherokee. Certainly never drove it even close-to-as-hard as I did my Cherokee.

Anyways, so the boys are about 10 now, and I certainly don't need all that space anymore. There's no baby bags, carriers, carseats, or any of the other fun stuff that you require when they're small. Now it's just sport equipment in the back, and iPods in the pockets. Not to mention it was getting to the point that I was now re-repairing things, and sometimes re-re-repairing things. I was just done with it.

So goodbye Durango, hello Jeep Renegade!

I test drove the new Cherokee and didn't like it. It didn't feel like the Cherokee of yesteryear. The Wrangler is a bit too small, and the Unlimited Wrangler - well it's a bit more Jeep than I think I'll need until the boys get to be teenagers, and they're a bit more than I wanted to pay right now.

I had test drove the Renegade a couple months back, and enjoyed it - just wasn't ready to buy yet - and they didn't have my Colorado Red that day.

Couple weekends ago me and the wife were out and about while the boys were at karate, and I noticed a red one. A quick-stop and a hair-pin right-turn later, we're parked in the dealer lot and getting ready to take out the red one for spin.

A little puttering about the local streets, hopped on the expressway, bumped-it-up through a few roads with construction, a parking lot with some speedbumps, and 20 minutes later we're back at the dealer. Time to buy, I told my wife. She just laughs (since we were originally on our way to the shoe store).

Something about the Renegade, it _feels_ like I remember my Cherokee used to feel. Quick and peppy, stiff but comfortable, solid and stable. Handles excellent. I just really enjoy it - and I haven't enjoyed driving since my Cherokee.

30 minutes later and I'm signed and sealed. First new car purchase ever @ 44yrs old

Been a couple weeks now, and I love it. I love driving again. And I can't wait to start putting some upgrades on it, just the way I used to enjoy doing with my Cherokee. Obviously I don't see me lifting it 7" or anything, or doing the extreme wheeling I used to do - but that's cool. It's a different time in my life. It's certainly gonna turn some heads when we get to the camp site in a couple weeks. Can't wait until I get my first good layer of mud up over the top! :)

So what's it got. It's the 2.4L / 9-spd-auto with a ton of bells and whistles. More bells and whistles than I've ever had before. I love the steering wheel controls, the bluetooth, the Uconnect 5.0. All that stuff is very nice. But the part I love most is how I enjoy driving again. Heck, I even enjoy washing my car again. I think what I really love is just being back into a Jeep, :)

I added a few photos to the Albums area, :)

I've got some searching and reading to do here, at the Renegade forums. The one thing I need to solve is the no-spare thing. Originally I thought I'd be comfortable with just the "pump and seal" kit, but now that summer is here we'll be going camping. I need a real spare. A full-size spare even, if that's possible. So I've gotta figure out how/where is the best place to get one (maybe just back at the dealer, even?). I also know I need to add a hitch for our 4-bike bike rack. Possibly back to the dealer for that one too. All depends on how much they want to soak me for these little extras, and if I can find proper alternatives.

Quadratec used to be one of my favorite online-stores back when I had the Cherokee, but it doesn't look like they've added the Renegade to their line-up yet, so...

Anyways, nice to be here. Can't wait to browse some other postings and photo-albums, to get ideas of how to personalize my new Little-Red-Jeep! :)


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One of the reasons I almost always go with the spare is for that very same reason, we have a couple of friends and family members with cottages and also go on road trips, so those times we'd throw a spare in. All other times... tire patch kit!

I rather not wait 2+ hours for roadside assistance!
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