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Semi new to Jeep.... we purchased a new Grand Cherokee last year and came right back and bought a Renegade this year. We have LOVED the GC for the last year and really like the Reny so far (about 10 days).
We plan on doing some traveling and needed a comfortable 4x4 that could tow about 5000 lbs....thus the Grand Cherokee. We both enjoyed it so much my wife immediately started shopping for "her" Jeep. We've been following the Renegade since it's announcement about a year ago and finally purchased "her" Trailhawk last week. I was originally going to go "cheap" and just get a basic model, but the wife insisted on 4x4 with her lists of goodies, thus we ended up with a Trailhawk.
We both have our regular jobs, but also both run our own small businesses on the side...she makes/sells wreaths and home decor, and I'm a nature/sports photographer. After getting both our previous cars (Civic & Astro) stuck in mud at photo jobs, I had decided I wanted some sort of AWD/4x4. She needs something that has room to buy supplies as well as deliver finished product so we didn't want to go back with a car.
We are now "empty nesters" looking to get out and do the things we've always wanted to do. We have a dream to eventually move to Montana/Wyoming and retire.
Ed & Kelly
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