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Got my 2016 Renegade Trailhawk yesterday, bought on Sunday in MA but the dealer had to deliver in VT because Mass doesn't have temporary plates like every other state in New England. Loving it so far, has everything except the safety/security pack and towing. Paid $1750 under MSRP + $1500 in bonus cash and quite happy with that price, the main dealer here in VT wouldn't move off MSRP and was offering $1000 less for my trade. I've driven MINIs for the last 10 years but felt like something different, my wife has a 2016 JK (which replaced a 2010 JK) so I have some Jeep experience.

Looking forward to mods, starting with LED headlights as these factory bulbs are not great. My wife has the Mopar black LED headlights in her JK and I wish they had those for the Renegade, but I'll make do with a $100 set of OPT7s for now >:D

Crap pic due to fading daylight, but if you've seen one Anvil Trailhawk you've seen them all :)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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